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  • Learn to master the dos and don’ts of leadership.
  • Start teaching as the best form of leadership.

Leadership Growth Studio

Helping Others


One of the most important missions that we can have in this life is helping others learn how to grow and develop themselves into powerful individuals that can make a difference in this world. It is not always clear at first the potential that young people have. When properly nurtured they can rise to become smarter and more successful than ourselves. That is why showing proper leadership skills can have a huge influence on the lives of others. If we know what we are doing, then others will follow. None of us are perfect but we can always be doing something to improve ourselves and others.



The path to leadership is an ever-changing and evolving process. You will never be done. Don't ever expect to be the perfect leader because you never will be. You always have the capacity to grow. As such, you should recognize that those you teach and lead have the same capacity. If you can help them grow, they will become better for it. Never think for a second that someone else has nothing to teach you. If you start thinking that way you have lost the point of being a leader and it is unlikely that people will follow you with that attitude.



Confidence is the first step to becoming a leader. People will not want to follow you if you are hesitant or unsure of what to do. If you are unsure of which path to take, how can those you lead be confident in your decision? If you do display that level of confidence people will trust that you are making the right decision. If you end up being wrong, you must openly admit it, and not be afraid to admit guilt. This will show others that you are humble and aware of your mistakes. This will help them see that you are working to improve for their sake.

Why this blog?


Many people don't know where to turn to learn more about becoming a good leader and a good teacher. This blog was set up as a way to give back to the community and act as an example of teaching. There are many ways to teach and act in a leadership capacity. This is one of them. You will find a lot of advice about how to improve yourself as a leader, the dos and don'ts of leadership, and how to apply those principles in a teaching capacity. Hopefully with some of these tips you'll be able to lift yourself up and help others improve themselves

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